I still read from left to right, damn it!

Why did the designers here think going against hundreds of years book reading tradition was a good idea?

Who ever thought of aligning some parts of the chat to the right?

Now why did I show you my personal conversation? Look! The scrollbar is even in a very specific place, clearly this part was picked for a purpose? To show off my talent? To make my girlfriend mad? Perhaps to make a point that facebook knows more about me and my girlfriend than our friends do?

No it's to complain about the design. Facebook you're doing it wrong! (You're actually doing really well, but this frustrates me.) The letters go from left to right so the paragraph should start on the left too - it just makes sense. Plus it's easier to read.. You're already coloring the text for differentiation so why is this necessary? We solved this problem ages ago.

Just notice the text position. Hmm, maybe we went a little overboard with the colors?

So maybe if IRC had too many colors and there is information overload, then we go the opposite way and oversimplify things to the point where they're not actually that usable. We had this covered in ICQ too, why couldn't we just declare that we found the best way of doing it and continue inventing things that are actually useful.

I remember when programs used to tell you what they we're loading. They were honest about how they're built.

Okay "Reading brushes" isn't exactly detailed, but it's something.

What do we have now? A cute bumper sticker that offends my technical abilities.

You're not my friend. I only use you because I have to. Get that stupid message away from my face.

And this cute stuff is the trend. Now I'm being asked if I'm a superhero? Fuck no! I'm me and I'm proud of my small accomplishments.

Give me some intellectual material to chew on please.

One must wonder how this whole minimalism and "as couch potato friendly as possible" approach is affecting our ability to think.

Ah maybe I'm just such an open-source die hard that I don't believe in obfuscation at all. Maybe the because I'm a programmer I can't see past the lack of transparency.

If Facebook gave me the option I'd switch that text to the right immediately.

If reading this feels wrong it's because this conversation was real and you're embarrassed. Or because we are so used to reading the wrong way.

Okay so maybe this isn't such a big deal. I'll just stick to using Linux and try be happy about the software I still can choose.

Krister Viirsaar

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