The lockdowns didn't really affect me all that much. I was just happy there was a reason for companies (and us) to try out remote working and pollute less.

The main product I made was Bashboard. It currently has 1 user and he doesn't reply by email. I've thought about possible pivots, but really I don't think there's a lot to do with it, besides keep it as a portfolio project.

Overall we've been running our software agency. It's been hard, then fun, then hard again. The best part about it are the people. The worst part that it the work itself doesn't really speak to me.

January 1st my daughter was born. What a special day that was. What a special few months it's been. I'm happy to be able to just sit there and spend time with her.

Through some stumbling around I've managed to start a new project, or rather reboot an old love of mine - Koodikool (Code School). It used to be a local group of kids and adults who came together to program something. Now many pieces have come together to perhaps be a startup instead. It feels like backwind.

Yet today (2021 march) I'm not sure where to go from here. If Koodikool fails then I don't feel like working on any more ideas. I also don't feel like going back and finding a place in the agency (from which I've detached and drifted quite far). We have an awesome client, but I'm not sure my goals align with him or the agency.

What are my goals? I'd like to see pro's making products. I'd like to make a change in education (hoping for Koodikool). I'd like challenges in service design. Code wise I'd love to write Elixir. And of course on top of that I don't want to give away what I have already: freedom and autonomy.

Realistically what the agency needs now is systematic company building skills. No matter how much I try - that is not me. I'm more of a product building tornado (tuulispask). The only difference really seems to be that company building is for a few select people and product building is for a larger audience.

In 5 years this company will be many times larger and more successful. I wouldn't be surprised if then it will also have their own product. But it wont be because I'm a better product developer. No, I'd be the same. The product will come from the outside. Which would be fine if it wasn't a waiting game.

If I do leave it will likely go on the wall of companies that got successful after I left. I'll take it easy for now. These are just my current feelings. Perhaps Koodikool will turn out to be something.

(edit: I was already offered a chance to train myself into a product lead, which is an amazing idea and opportunity. Things are looking up all of a sudden)