Me and my partners agree that me going off and doing some startup team is not a recipe for success. One person just can't think of everything and one just needs to bounce off ideas and think of more options than the one brain can handle.

A less apparent surprise was that even when the project is super small, having extra two people to work with boosts work morale through the roof! It's a whole other experience. Motivation loss is barely a thing. Now it really is a matter of figuring out a work routine.

I'm going on child leave for 3 months soon. I hope the two can stay motivated together. We've experienced the single developer burnout multiple times already.

In order to keep these two happy I'm involving self-development time regularly. If the project is small and the direction is dependent on the clients feelings, motivation will naturally disappear at one point. So I'm doing my best to take care of the employees.

In any case. Having a team is one of those obvious things that took years to find out. I'm happy I'm here now.