Which is not a suprise. I was however pleasently surprised how many people voted for me when posting to my social groups. I mean 15 isn't much, but it's a lot more than what I was expecting :)

So anyway what are the stats?

So on PH launch day there were 329 visitors. Next day a bit less. Those days actually include the HN launch I did in the same evening since the DB was beefed up anyway and no tmuch traffic was happening. HN resulted in 0.

The most popular page besides landing was /price and then /examples. The least popular were /roadmap, /usecases and /about. I probably spent too much time on those.

The stats show 18 registered users, but 7 of those are either spam or myself. So 11. Not the worst, but there are no active users since launch - and that's the important bit.

What's next?

Marketing. I'll go into feature avoiding mode and only implement something if:

  1. An active user asks for it.
  2. I need it to see how the marketing is doing.

Le Grande Marketing Plan

I'm a noob. But I have some ideas.

  1. Hang out in communities and build a reputation and suggest Bashboard when actually appropriate.
  2. Keep myself up to date with competitors blogs to learn about my own customer.
  3. Find individual users who may be interested by utilizing a few specific growth hacks.
  4. Blog about trendy topics like how to get live charts into Notion :)
  5. Make public charts that are useful/interesting and spread those.

That's it! Yeah it's not much I know. But it's a marathon, not a sprint. New ideas will arise, old ones will fall. A few actions will prove more beneficial than others. Just keep moving.

But first!

During the three month bashing out of Bashboard - I learned some things. And had a few ideas. I want to try them out. It'll only take a few weeks, I promise! :D

But actually yes, this blog has some attention from the internet, I want to try and use it. Also Sales Safari has been a mind blower. Definitely want to go in and find some watering holes of the internet that I could perhaps serve.