In a perfect world no grading would be needed. Or as a compromise an automatic grading system with machine learning would be awesome. In this day and age (read: little time and no extra salary) however my students are going to get an assignment and I'm going to check them. Not exactly the most inventive idea to date.

All is not lost though. The assignment is going to be in 3 parts and hopefully quite fun. For the people who are able to pass that is.

In any case there are 5 groups and about 25 people in each. So I need to create an assignment for each group (one comes after the other) and if I have time another 3 for each group, to prevent cheating (exam is in class).

What's cool about my exam is that you can totally Google as much as you want. The only thing not allowed is talking to each other. Cheating protection is basically me standing at the back and keeping watch over the screens.

If there isn't already enough work I still need to create a git repository for them to get the assignment from and where to push their work to. Exam is in a couple of days.