Today I dug a ditch. For drying out parts of this piece of land. The plan was to do computer work, but that seemed like a waste with such beautiful weather outside. There was a short term job offer for 50€/h in my inbox. As the ground was drying we carried the remaining grass blocks to another location. My cryptocoin holding rose a significant amount. As the sun set we heated the sauna. I went inside and declined the job offer.

It's a pretty powerful position to decline such a good offer, but my time is more productive getting my head clear with yard work and making good choices. Besides this offer wont benefit me any more than just the money. Money along is worth very little. I didn't quit my job just to do whatever. I quit it to make a change in my life.

I feel exited. Healthy. Energetic. Like the world is finally opening up and I've got resources to take part in what it's got to offer. Feeling like I can actually make things happen. Both on this land that my friends own and in my own life.

Today has been a good day. The only thing missing is that special someone hanging out a little too far for my liking...