I'm a lazy person. If there is no urgency, thing will just be left undone. But I love doing stuff if I ever get round to them. My want-to-do list is huge. I got so dissatisfied with the wasteful lifestyle that in the new year I decided to take it under control.

If my habits were not so useless I'd work out, meditate, blog eery day, learn spanish, play guitar and read a book - every day. I know I love doing these things and most have a long term benefit too. "DO IT MAN", please do it.


There are loads of good (and some not so good) productivity tips. One of the main suggestions is to wake up early and do your most imporatnt work of the day. They suggest waking up at like 6 am. Screw that I need my sleep, but I'll wake up an hour earlier do 3 things and I'll make sure I go to sleep early too, but also doing 3 things before that.

My regime now is waking up at 8 am. There's time to do a light workout, meditate and write a blog post (it's currently 8.40 am). Well, besides all the normal morning stuff of course.

In the evening I shut my laptop at 22:00. Now is the time to practice the guitar (there's an awesome app for that), learn Spanish (what a great age we live in) and a book by the bed.


It's only been a few weeks but besides getting a lot of stuff done I'm also very productive during the day at work. It's probably because the morning satisfied my thirst for personal activities and I know I'm learning a language and music in the evening - it's like a great personal and work life balance.

Of course if I had a family (which I keep thinking about) adjustments would be made. Currently I also decided to take up martial arts, because why the hell not. There are so many cool stuff to do in our lifetime. Also climbing. And when more chores stockpile on my todo list the regime starts crumbling. If there is no time I still do the minimum of a few situps, a minute of meditation and a few words for the blog. Just to keep the habit going.

Life just keeps on getting better. Today I had no time to write this blog but ended up doing it anyway. Shit, not going to make it to work in the correct time.. got to run!