This is a list of sources that will help me figure out how to best construct a new programming course. It doesn't contain everything Google can find, but rather the interesting picks that seem to have valuable information. This list may change in time.

Note: Links will either direct you to a chapter in this blog series or to the project itself (if I have not written a post just yet).



Online text


  • Learn Java the hard way - an experienced teacher talking about how he does it. (exercises)
  • The Art and Science of Java
  • Head First Java
  • Karel the Robot Learns Java
  • Horisont 1969 - Leo V├Áhandu article about programming
  • Kuidas Programmeerida - Estonian book from authors Kaasik, Kiho, Koit. (1990)
  • Effective Programming - this blog-to-book by Jeff Atwood is basically a best-of collection from his blog.