So here's my reasoning for the design.

  1. Sharp corners are actually painful to reach for in the pocket.
  2. The corners are too round, but all I had to do was say "100 cards with rounded corners with my domain on it please" so time from idea to ordering was 5 minutes.
  3. I have no single occupation so instead of confusing clutter there are directions on where to find my profile/contact/cv.
  4. It's thick and writeable so my contact knows why they need to find me. I.e. "Blockchain dev" or "Education innovation".
  5. The paper is recycled so I don't feel guilty.
  6. My domain is in the center so it's clear what the most important info is.
  7. I can change "" to "" or "" to track where this contact is from. Email addresses that start getting spam can be blocked easily. I used for this as they are cheap and have encryption.

I'm a perfectionist. This card isn't perfect. This is process perfection. All this in just 5 minutes and 10€.

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