The premise of productivity is The God Login. To get shit done you need to ask yourself "How would God do it?" and the obvious answer is God wouldn't have to do anything, she would just create the thing what we would perceive as a result. The same should go towards how we use our computers. I'm not one to evolve the touch screen, as a software developer I know best how to hack the digital.


The mouse was a great invention - touchscreen even better, but the actual moving of the mouse takes time. Think about it. Going from one icon to the next takes like 1-2 seconds. But if you use this pointer thing for the whole day at work then that's all you do - move the pointer around. Yeah, touchscreens seem to be better, more intuitive, but you still move your hand around and even when you're fast you still need 2 clicks to do anything, plus then you need to switch your hand to the keyboard because typing never went anywhere.

So why not use only the keyboard?

I challenge you - open a new browser and navigate to one of your everyday apps, like Google Calendar for example. Depending on the speed of your computer and setup you will probable need to do two clicks and taking into account the time of the pointer traveling it must have taken a total of 3 seconds. It took me 1.5 seconds. How? I open Chrome with win+c type cal press enter and autocomplete takes me straight to where I want to be. Again, remember that point-and-click is all you do all day.


What's even better than the speed is the clarity - I've got no application bar - not up down left or right.

I use a paper background because I teach programming and sketching makes sense on a paper background.

Yeah I can see the battery state and a workspace grid, but that is all! Not even a clock! Clutter on your screen is clutter in your head so remove it.

You know what else? I don't get distracted because I have no notifications anywhere. Not on my desktop not on my phone. I go check my email when I make time for it. My focus will not be broken by anyone's tweets. If it's important - call me, I still have a phone with a ringtone.


Look, you need to get shit done so remove every time wasting action as much as you need and remove all distractions - the internet is full of this. If this takes time and effort - it will benefit you in the long run. It's funny how OSX is the standard for design, but it's so mouse oriented and you've got two bars visible at all times.

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