I'm a developer and I also admin my websites - hobby, startup or even business oriented.

What bores me to death is doing the same thing over and over again. I think if there is a proccess that can only be done in one way in your computer - the computer should do it for you.

Programming is awesome, because you can take full control of your workstation.

So here's what my scripts do, how I use them and how they work.

How it works

My name is Krister and my scripts are called "Krister's scripts" and all I need to do to get started is bring down the console with F1 and type k.

No stranger can understand at a glance how to use this and they don't need to, these scripts are for my eyes only. Basically the Linux activities are activated by just writing gen or sc, but the Meteor commands work by specifying the activity and service, ie. u gh to update this ghost blog.

gen and sc open another menu, but the Meteor stuff just do the task.

What's really cool is how automated things are. For example the command c ti tries to cd ~/code/ting && git status - I get git status with the cd command - really cool. If the directory does not exist, it will clone the repo for me and then cd in there.

You can find all the code on GitHub.