I smoke it. It's fun, entertaining and makes me want to write this blog real well. Of course I'm not actually writing this well since I'm high, but at least I get some good ideas to read and laugh about in the morning.

Anyway so I'm going to publicly admit I've used darknet to buy this green little thing that should really be legal. I wont make the same mistake again though. For some reason even if you have a 5-star rating you will still swindle your client for a quick profit. After realizing the material is fake I was actually pretty disappointed. Later I realized how lucky I was to not have some secret powder put in it.

So thus, I'm not risking a bs provider and I'm definitely not risking any extra spice - stories that make the news with someone dying. It's a cruel and injust world out there and the only beauty lies in nature and silence.

Also could my friends stop asking me for weed on facebook?? That shit is not cool. As you can read I actually don't have any. It's like people forgot 'internet' == 'public' and there in fact very much are scanners on our text. Gotto catch those terrorists, right?

BTW the weed I smoked today is fake. From the very much legal CBD shop. Better than nothing.