So it's been a month since I started my morning and evening routine. Here's what it's consisted of:

The Routine

Morning 8am

  • Workout
  • Meditation
  • Blog post

Evening 10pm (turn off computer and TV)

  • Learn guitar with Yousician.
  • Learn a language with Dualingo.
  • Read a book by the bed.

Twice a week go to martial arts training, because I've always wanted to try it.

The Results

I've completed my tasks at about 70% of the time, sometimes stuff gets in the way (also super laziness).

Obviously I'm in better shape, I've learnt a lot about playing the guitar, I know some Spanish and Latvian. But what's really is important is how it's improved my daily life.

  • I'm more awake and energised
  • I sleep better
  • I'm more satisfied with myself

It still takes effort to get up and do the stuff, but it's well worth it. Having a routine definitely helps.

Having said all that there are a couple of things that aren't working.

The blog

This is the 19th blog post this month. While I'm happy with the amount it's not of a quality I'd suggest my friends read (a once-a-week quality blogger is Pungas for example). So this begs to question why I'm doing it in the first place if it's becoming boring for myself and I don't think anyone should read it. Let's talk about it.


Tim Ferris suggests in his new book (and has done so for a long time) to keep a 5 minute journal where you write stuff like what you want to accomplish today and what you feel like etc. The idea is to get your mind sorted out or in other words tame your monkey mind.

The blog has indeed helped with this. I feel like my ideas are better articulated and it feels good that they're out there. Then again if the goal is to keep the 5 minute journal then why not keep the damn 5 minute journal.. So maybe I should switch. Haven't given up on the blog just yet.


If the goal is to attract people then well so far this has completely failed. None of my posts so far outperform my most popular post from 2 years ago. When I say outperform then my new posts aren't even on the map. I understand that apparently it takes a year for this thing to gain any momentum.

Thing is, as I said before, I don't currently think my posts are shareable. To make them shareable I'd have to put research in. I may end up doing that, gotto sit on this idea for now.

Telling stories and practice writing

I like telling stories. I'm the guy that may at one point have a 5 minute monologue. It takes effort to keep myself back.

I like writing stuff down for my own clarity, but also if I need to articulate something for many people. I'm never really satisfied with how well I articulate stuff, so here's my chance to practice.

So writing here every morning keeps me somewhat entertained and satisfied. Also off my friends backs :)


The routine is definitely worth it. The morning blog I'm starting to exchange for some other activities. I'll probably switch as soon as I either get really tired of this or find something way better.