The best ideas are the ones you don't write down, but keep coming back to you. Here's one of them

Estonia is lacking a quality news source that would..

  • list only valuable info
  • from home and international
  • in Estonian

RMD is basically Reddit + Medium + (+ Slashdot).

What's so good about these three?

Reddit's voting system just votes. Both for topics and for comments. Usually if I enjoy a good news story then I'd be missing out on 40% of the valuable information if I never go to the comments. But the important bit is still filtering good stories.

Medium is a great blogging platform - of which there are none in Estonia. There are blogs and bloggers, but not one place where the common people could write their own stories down with little effort. is the most popular news site today. Clearly though the creators have list interest, because there is so much spam the thing will crash when you visit it. The point here is that this is popular and apparently people find something of value here. Also, Delfi started out quite similar to what reddit is now (only manual link selection).

Slashdot is where the language problem comes into play. People want to read news in their own language. Slashdot provides succinct summaries. People can translate while summarizing. Plus, I don't know about you, but I don't have time to read a whole episode if what I need is 3 sentences of information.

My aim is to make this site happen, because I'm missing it big time. There is not one Estonian news source that I can read and stay sane. Got to find the time for this...