I've been doing this for about a month now. Not every day, like I had aimed, but every other day, which is also fine.

There were many goals:

  1. Fun - writing is just fun.
  2. Profit - testing out keywords to get markdownsites.com traffic.
  3. Fame - blogging regularly was supposed to attract people to read, regardless of what you blog about.

Well, now here's the truth of the matter.

Blogging takes work.

Like waking up a hour earlier every day. Finding something to write about every day. Writing something and knowing it's really quite useless. Even if there was a public reading this most of my posts serve no value.

Blog has to be popular before one can test keywords.

Meaning even if you've got your target keywords in there you they don't just turn up in Google. The blog has to have outside validation (links) and what not before this can happen. OR you can write about something very specific that doesn't really exist online. Like the most popular post to date is one of my first from a few years ago where I was explaining how to set up some emailing stuff. It still gets a 1000 people every month.

Fame doesn't just happen, you have to work on it.

As blogging to me is an exercise and not so much a goal in itself - I never tweeted or shared on facebook. And thus these new daily posts never got read. I mean I don't necessarily think the content is good enough to be read in the first place. Making a blog is hard work just like any other kind of art.

How could I improve my content and visibility?

  1. Have a weekly blog instead of daily and really put effort in to quality.
  2. Share every post everywhere I can.
  3. Guest post on other blogs.

These things would definitely work better that my current way of doing it. Question is now, is this how I want to continue or do I instead want to fold the experiment?

Update: Okay looks like it mayb be worth if in a year or so so I better be enjoying this :)