As expected the novelty of freedom is wearing off. There is some anxiety attached to feeling like I have to do something. Perhaps it's just an Estonian thing. Planning to go to the countryside tomorrow. That should ease off the strange feelings.

There's a bunch of interesting projects waiting to happen. Today is CodeSchool day, which is exiting. Zero stress teaching. Meaning I'm not doing any preparations, it's all question-answer based. Let's see if it actually works out at all :) Perhaps some paid training programs would also fit into my lifestyle. My mom is a little interested in dealing with the getting people together for the course. Let's see.

Other than that the days are slow. I complete some task I had in mind then sit around for a while thinking of the next thing to do. It's relaxing, but there is a danger of getting lazy :D For sure getting used to this tempo will take some time. Can't shake the feeling that there's something I'm supposed to be doing.