The day is over and I couldn't be more happy. Delayed a meeting I've been looking forward to tomorrow, but otherwise did a lot of stuff and that included going to the shop happy and spending too much like a true unemployed person.

Well it's all good as my last paycheck included unused vacation time, it pretty much doubled the sum. Or maybe I shouldn't have put half of it all to cryptocoins. Oh well, whatever tingles my belly I guess, this month is all about carelessness and having fun. Why not gamble a little.

We haven't been distant with Mara in a while so this feels weird. But I'm happy to be with such a wonderful lady. Being committed never was so easy.

Koodikool is going to happen the day after tomorrow, I can't wait to see what I learn. The guy hosting us is cool. Great how fellow programmers get behind the project. It's just awesome how the community is always ready to give back. We all know how painful it was to learn, yet how important this skill is.

It feels like things are coming together. It's scary. Gonna hang on and see. It's going to take time until this situation settles in. If I ever get lazy I'll go back to work again. Don't see that happening though :D