I get annoyed when there's a discussion and it's clearly just people talking about different things. The annoying part comes in when there's me acknowledging it, but unable to understand what it is we're misunderstanding about each others vocabulary.

Or when we're working on something in any startup and I get this feeling that we haven't even properly thought through if this is a good idea. Or worse, we haven't even figured out a way to measure what is worthwhile and what isn't. I'm sitting there knowing we haven't gotten deep enough, but at the same time am unable to do so simply because my brain just can't hold so much information at the same time and make connections between the pieces.

I guess this is where experience comes in. You do figure out the big picture piece by piece and next time you're against the issue you know instinctively what works and what doesn't. But then you aren't able to articulate it and convince your team that we're heading down the wrong path. It all comes down to not being able to thing clearly enough.

There are drugs that help. The Startup worlds has it's liking to LSD microdosing. And it does work, I've tried it. You get a much better mental model of what everything is and how stuff is connected and what we haven't even thought about so far. The problem here is that LAS is great for planning and getting stuff on paper, but terrible for actually getting work done. So the answer is to plan while your high and work when you're sober, right? Wrong. Your plans don't make sense anymore when you're sober and you ditch them. I mean you may believe you knew how that worked when high, but you're not going to follow a plan you don't trust sober. So this microdosing thing hasn't worked out so far.

There are also legal drugs called Nootropics which help you think and remember and stuff. Haven't really gotten into that, because in the end of the day I think drugs enhance like 10% to maybe 30%, but they don't fix you. Plus you may end up getting health problems or addictions or whatever. Doesn't sound worth it to me.

So at this point I have no other solution than just to do my best and let experience gather. Also do some drugs sometimes.