Looking around IH there are a lot of cool products. Reading the interviews and seeing the landing pages makes it clear - the successful projects have a very clear value they are offering you. It really clicked with Michael Bruny-Groth's post. He had strong insight into an industry and paid clients to prove it. But he still failed to make a successful product. Only after learning more about the audience did things change.

Of course his link to Sales Safari was a huge inspiration (buying that course i guess) too.

Anyway. I have a solution looking for a problem. Again. What is this, the 5th time? I started Bashboard with a very clear audience in mind: Startups who need a funnel metric from multiple 3rd party sources. I built a generic service that covers that usecase, but also a lot more. My landing became a generalist mess. The product tries to be in too many places at once.

Going forward I'm going to practice Sales Safari on multiple audiences. Find one with a pain that I can actually solve with my already made product, and switch my landing and efforts there. Perhaps... perhaps this will work. Giving up is not an option so either this or the next idea.

Oh I forgot. Another source of inspiration was talking to you guys. Specifically comparing the not-yet products to the money-earning ones has been enlightening. Take Charts Factory for example. Insert data, export a chart? Who needs this thing? Yet people do and he's building a business around it. So crazy. It just proves I know nothing about anything :)

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