This must be my 4th attempt to blog regularly. There were a few periods of pretty good success with writing something every day, but my last attempt only concluded with 4 articles - wouldn't call that a success.

Why do this? I love writing. I like thinking things through by putting thoughts to "paper". I like the little gist of excitement when publishing them for the whole world to see (or Google to find). I like the potential possibility of a stranger coming across and using my articulations for their own benefit. Some have contacted me before about both emotional topics like depression and technical stuff like how to configure that damn email server.

It's really cool to have my own personal publishing platform. Where I can write, but don't have to think too much about it. If a post becomes popular, I've actually amended some fixes.

One reason why my longest stretch of blogging is only 2 months is due to the fact that the act of writing here is missing a purpose. A mission. A goal. I do this for fun (and of course future profit $$$) so it's not tied to my work or really anything other than self expression. Thus it's easy to prioritize other things in life and not take the time to write. Although I've missed it.

I've already done the challenge of writing a post per day for a month. The quality was honestly terrible and I'd like not to litter our cosmos of info.

So this time it's going to be a post a week. Deadline is friday midnight. My time +2GMT. And I'm going to do this every week for the rest of the year. That's like 51 posts or something. Not much. Topics will range from tech to life lessons. Everything from the top of my genius little head that all of the internet just has to know about.

I don't mind if this never gets read. I do mind if this never gets written. Let's do this! (Please give me trouble if I'm skipping weeks!)