Not only did I get rid of most of the stuff in the bookmarks bar

but I also got rid of the 3 year old server that was hosting a bunch of random sites I own. Some of which are almost 10 years old like [the homepage I made after finishing university in 2010}( and the website of my very first company from 2011. I've put those to rest on GitHub Pages as static sites along with my current website.

I own a lot of domains. Some were failed startup ideas, some never got started. Some are just for fun, like is a community I take part on. Why the hell not. Well, time to get rid of the unnecessary ones.

Some websites like this awesome design experiment got the boot completely, but have a place in the blog for all times. Some didn't even get a place in there.

So what else is there. Well I'm moving to a new apartment - that always gets rid of useless physical stuff. Though I guess I'm also buying more. It's okay :D

What's really important I guess is getting rid of personality traits that don't serve me. I mean I'm not perfect, but some of my more aggressive assertion habits and negative-by-default attitudes can sure use a breeze. The vacation and a few books (check out Nonviolent Communication, it's awesome and should be in the school curriculum) sure have helped.

I feel like new times are coming. Not because of the digital cleaning, but because of the personality of course :)