I've been thinking. I wrote about why I want to start a Youtube channel. Well I haven't so far, because of time limitations. Also at one point I understood that whatever I wanted to offer Youtube was full of already anyway.

Today my mind switched. Instead of "reaching out" or it being about other people, how about I make it for myself. Do stuff I enjoy. Like articulating some subject. Trying to make a 5-10 minute video about going deep into a subject I care about and explaining the gritty detail without wasting time. That sounds interesting to me and sounds like the kind of research and quality I've been saying my written blog lacks. Awesome.

It's still going to be in Estonian. Whatever I do there's a lot of it in the English sphere and I really want to connect with my own people here.

When I go on my trip I think I'll just make an extended photo collection. Not worrying super hard about quality and stuff, but rather showing my family who I am when I'm not around them and showing what I'm doing on the trip. That sounds like a humble and sensible thing to do.

Okay. That feels better. That's what I'm going to do.