I decided to start blogging again. Just for the kick of writing - I love doing it. Yet once I've written something I'd love for people to see it. My first article I shared on HN and didn't get any votes, which was totally cool, it was more of a "here it is, see if you care".

Yet the next article I started with a pressure asking for approval. You know the feeling of "is this topic going to interest anyone?"

The only right choice is clearly to write to myself. So fine.. Here's my decision. I will not post my writings anywhere. For now. Perhaps the only legit reason to push an article in a public forum would be if the article is more researched and aimed at giving valuable insight into something. Not just an opinion. As much as I would like people to praise my coming-soon article about switching from Node.js to Elixir. Opinion is still opinion and the larger public doesn't really benefit from just another outburst of emotion.

Also. While a two of my articles have gone to the top of HN I think the main benefit I've given the internet is when someone finds my article through Google. Or people who I meet IRL check the blog out and find out we have a common interest.

I started writing this post to hopefully figure out a decision and it is now made. Thank you blogging :D

P.S. Having decided not to share this post anywhere feels liberating in a creative sense. I can put down all the clutter and mess that is my head. Yay!