So what are you going to do with your life? Great question. Bad timing. At least for a graduate student. We're used to thinking of a career as a profession. Yet here I am - a thinker, programmer, "startupper", teacher, entrepreneur. I wouldn't say I'm "successful", but I'm doing well in the sense of living standard and happiness. I'm doing good. What's my profession? I don't know. What do I do every day? Not quite sure, kind of everything I want to and everything I need to. Sometimes it's writing software for clients, sometimes it's talking to people. Sometimes it's teaching. As far as life has taught me - multiple area people are the ones that are better off. Yeah you've got to go deep on some area, but perhaps there can be a total of 3 areas that's you're competent on, not just one?

So to those who are finishing school - if you haven't figured it out yet - don't bother "deciding" - just keep going. Travel, meet people, explore yourself.

So much time I've spent chasing "that thing" that needs to be achieved before I can be happy. I got news for you. Happiness isn't a state of mind - it's a state of doing. It is how you feel when you do things in life.

My friend Patrick just finished school. He's really cool. I helped him inspire to be a programmer. Yet after finishing the IT school he's thinking about becoming a history teacher or an actor. He thinks he's not sure what to choose. I say pick one and move on. Eventually (hopefully) he'll master all three. Can you imagine how much a history teacher can do with coding? And don't we IT people all miss having a creating outlet like theater or arts. Why choose if you can do everything you've ever wanted. Don't walk on a path - wander around and you'll be more likely to make your dreams come true. I'm not going to have to give you the "that's what Steve Jobs did" speech, do I?

This way of life sure isn't for everyone. I'm speaking to the people that this story resonated with. Hopefully to wake up the likeminded people who haven't quite figured it out yet. Myself. Please go easy on the comments :)

BTW if you came here reading the title and thinking "hey, I'm in school, what should I do tonight?" Then you're not in the wrong place. You just make sure you try out as many different hobbies as you can.