Hey. Want to build your personal website? You're in luck, there are like a hundred services doing exactly what you need - helping you build a website in a few hours, any purpose you need.

To name a few Squarespace let's you design everything drag-and-drop style and hosts everything from portfolios to online stores. If that is not flexible enough then the still very popular Wordpress will satisfy your needs for sure. But you may need help of a coder.

Tell me though. What if all you need is a domain with some text in it? When you don't really want to spend time on design. All you need is to list yourself online and get the point across. Paying $10 a month is not a lot, but certainly if you don't need 99% of the features it doesn't make any sense, right?

I'm also one of those people. Which is why I build markdownsites.com. It's like a text editor, but online and connecting to a domain is a breeze. All you need to do is write your content and you even get an automatic menu out of the headings you've used.

As I said I made this for myself first, so check out my personal website which I had been coding manually until now.

If you do find the service useful drop me a line and tell me what would make it even better. I'm actively looking for feedback.