Endless opportunities. That's pretty much it. If you just wanted to know the answer to the title then read no further.

Be more specific

  1. Travel. Being a software developer is one of the easiest ways of becoming a digital nomad, which means you travel freely, but you've also got decent work and pay. You even get to choose between remote work or having a job on the spot.
  2. Opportunities. I haven't left my home country yet because I keep finding so many cool projects to work on. Either my own ideas or someones startup. Currently I'm being paid to learn about cyber security, which has been on my todo list for ages.
  3. Security. There are not enough programmers and there may not be for a good time to come. At a time where machines replace people more and more this is the best time to switch careers. Don't wait until you're old and broke.
  4. Attention to detail. Programming will teach you how to think. It's been a tough journey, but my life has improved significantly just because I can think clearly and precicely about any problem. Not that I'm enlightened, I'm still a beginner at expressing emotions for example. But problems as such I can think through and think of solutions really well.

The point

Freedom. A profession that's wanted all over the world. The skill that powers all of the digital world. The mindset that brings clarity. To top it off you may actually work on projects you actually enjoy. I don't see why anyone would not want to lrean software. Unless you can't stand the computer of course.